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February 19, 2018 - 7:45 am


Other Winter Precip (Ice)

48-72 Hrs.   
48-72 Hrs.
3-5 Days 
3-5 Days
6-10 Days   
6-10 Days

S = snow showers    F = snow flurries


Not much time this morning. Just an update to say, prepare for a snowy/icy mix tonight and tomorrow. I do have some concern that this could be on the edge of an ice storm. What may save us is that it may turn out more sleet than freezing/glazing rain. Sleet often isn't a huge problem, UNLESS is snows first, which is what we get. So it may all turn out to be a snowy/icy sludge on the ground and a bit on the roads, even though the snowfall itself isn't supposed to be deep.

We WILL get wintry precip. The mix is not perfectly known (at our "on the edge" part of VA), but it will be a mess.

Be careful.

Check back!

See latest newer climate note below.


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CLIMATE NOTE - Kinda for fun. Just givin' some facts.

Well, how are we running? That is, what is our GLOBAL temperature compared to normal right now? Take a look:


Yeah, there is a big hot orange area over us, but GLOBALLY the anomaly (departure from normal) is a paltry .081 degree below normal (see top right). Hardly seems like global warming out of control. That's not even one tenth of one degree!! As you can see at bottom, this data (as mapped) comes from NCEP, The National Center for Environmental Prediction, basically the main center of the National Weather Service of NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). That means our Federal Government. It actually slid a little below the zero line last summer. And, it goes up and down, but the larger trend since 2015 (when it DID hit 1.5 degrees above) is that we've been cooling. Sun watchers of astronomy strongly suggest that our recently emerging solar minimum is VERY pronounced, with NO sunspots for a LONG time, so that, we may be heading into a temperature cold period similar to the Maunder Minimum of the middle ages, which had a similar solar level. It would take some time, but those guys are quite convinced its coming. More on that later.


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*Models consulted, sometimes used as abbreviated:
GFS -  Global Forecast System - Main US-ran global model - longest range (to 16 days). Recently updated with much higher resolution.
NAM + Parallel NAM -  North America Mesoscale - Regional, not global model.
NAM/WRF + Parallel - High res model (parallel is even higher res)
ECMWF - European model, including ensembles (EPS) and weeklies, etc., 
UKMET - British model
NAVGEM - New Navy model (replaced NOGAPS, older one)
RAP - Rapid Refresh Model (short term run hourly, covers up to 21 hours now)
HRRR + experimental HRRRX - High Res Rapid Refresh (very high zoom, updated every hour, also for limited number of hours projection)
DGEX - an acronym for the Downscaled GFS with Eta Extension.  DGEX has been developed as an interim solution to providing high-resolution forecast guidance for populating the digital forecast database at extended forecast projections.  It is produced by running the full 12-km, 60 level, Eta model from forecast hour 78 to forecast hour 192 using lateral boundary conditions
Canadian GEM and RGEM - Global and regional models. Plus CanSIPs monthlies.
Canadian  HRDPS - very local high res model
SREF - Short Range Ensembles
NDFD - National Digital Forecat Database
FIM9 - New experimental US model using hex high res grid. Supposed to replace the GFS eventually.
There are other models such as the Brazilian, German, French, and Japanese (JMA)
I also consult CFSv2 (Climate Forecasting System) for long range
I do not have BUFKIT.
*Other abbreviations used:
WX - Weather
NCEP - National Center for Environmental Prediction (Nat'l Headquarters of the Nat'l Weather Service)
HPC - Hydrological Prediction Center (National prediction office of NWS)
CONUS - Continental US
PCPN - Precipitation
SYS - System
NE - northeast, SE - southeast, NNW north-north-west, etc.
NAO - North Atlantic Oscillation (negative suggests cold east US)
AO - Arctic Oscillation (negative suggests cold east US)
PNA - Pacific North-Atlantic Oscillation (positive suggests stormier east)
EPO - Eastern Pacific Oscillation
WPO - Western Pacific Oscillation
MJO - Madden-Julian Oscillation (a cycle of precip-temps based on certain trade winds/currents). There are eight phases. Some of the eight may be of different effect, depending on season.
SOI - Southern Oscillation Index
QBO - Quasi-Biennial Oscillation

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