ADDING WEBCAM pictures into your personal webspace:

There are two tasks.
One is to find the software that will capture and
upload FTP (file transfer protocol) your pictures to your provided location
at your internet service. Some webcams come with such software.  I highly
recommend Active Webcam software (, or
Kabcam software ( for outstanding software
for a inexpensive cost.
The second task is to get the software configured to upload to the net.
If you don't already know the info, contact your internet provider to get ...
1. FTP address and password (you get to choose the password)
for your site space. Enter that info in the webcam software portion that asks
you for that information to do automatic uploads. Something like...
choose (name the pic in the software)
what you're going to call your captures, and enter that where asked.
Then the address you will forward to me will contain both but will be a www
address - example...
one of mine used to be...
You may contact me by email if you need more help. I may even assist over
the phone if necessary.
Good luck.
Wally Mayo