There are many inexpensive webcams around, and many of them will
do fine. Lately there are some really excellent ones, some in HD!
Try to get webcams that allow 640 x 480 or higher resolution and that use
a USB port are quite good. Currently, you should probably use one that
can use USB 2.0.
If you use a videocam, you must have one other ingredient - a video
capture card. This is easy if you have a vacant slot in your computer
and about $40. Get a WinGO TV card by Hauppauge at Circuit City/Best Buy
or any other vendor that sells it. The card (beside being able to receive
TV channels) has a video input, and a good driver that the camera
interfaces to. NOTE: Vista will not work with the WinGO card. You may
need to find a capture card that works with Vista.
I put the camera just right up to a window. You want to avoid shooting
through a screen, though.
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Good luck.
Wally Mayo