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The surface maps generated on this site are created by Weathergraphics software called Digital Atmosphere by Tim Vasques. There are six maps posted:

  • US national
  • Eastern US
  • Mid-Atlantic
  • New England
  • Tropics
  • Floater - map location varies to follow severe/interesting weather
  • North Atlantic - covering the north Atlantic basin.
  • Local - High zoom of the Roanoke, VA area.
  • Alaska/Yukon - NEW!
  • The maps are created hourly at about 20 past each hour. Exception is the North Atlantic map is every 6 hours. (Sometimes, the data feeds are interrupted or incomplete, affecting map displays.)

    I have looked long and hard on the net, and have yet to find any surface maps anywhere with as much detail (plot density) and extra depicted data as these.

    The data ingested into DA includes surface metars, ASUS01 frontal positions (three hourly by NOAA), and NEXRAD radar. DA does a pressure analysis as well. The maps are created using scripts in DA, thus automating the operation.

    The "Local" zoom map ingests MADIS data, which includes data from VDOT, CWOP, Anything Weather, Wx for You, APRS Wx net, and more.

    The TROPICAL map has additional info in the plots - bottom left shows water temperature, bottom right number shows wave height.

    Feel free to link the these maps, but please just let me know. There are no ads or popups on these maps. Enjoy them.

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